Man on the River


Man on the River is a large project undertaken by environmentalist Giacomo De Stefano, whose first stage has started in 2009 and ended in 2013. Giacomo has rowed and sailed on a small boat built upon Viking projects across the 5.200 km of rivers connecting London to Istanbul.

Along his journey he has focused on water protection and on the hidden potential of local, green economies, beside talking about sustainable forms of tourism. The project has now gained a worldwide visibility, and new developments are planned in coordination to the European Union and other partners.

Eden Exit has supported the communication of Man on the River along the journey, and now, through Tourism Fiction, is organising the production of a documentary based on the filming by CapdoFilm. Right now the documentary is in pre-production stage.

Man on the River is open to support all forms of tourism, mainly related to waterways, that are willing to promote local suistainable activities. We are able to organise happenings and other small projects with Giacomo De Stefano, togive visibility and suggestions to interesting green developments and places out of the mainstream tourism tracks.

Visit the website and contact us should you need more information on what Man on the River can do for your territory.