Green Kids


Green Kids is the Tourism Fiction project (in joint venture with Fantambiente) dedicated to schools and children from 8 to 14 years of age. It’s a series of adventures where the Green Kids, teenagers that form an “Environmental Team”, fight against evil polluters symbolising many threats to the environments and unwise behaviours.

The stories can be read through the Internet as cartoons: every episode is composed by an animation where the story unfolds, and a section of puzzles that have to be solved to read the next episode.

Tehe solutions involve many different themes and operations such as:

• school researches on specific arguments;
• visits of a specific place (for instance a park or a monument);
• meeting some goals set by the teacher (as cleaning the school garden from litter);
• talking with experts;
• visiting the websites of ecological products or eating sustainable and natural food;
• listening to a music song or watching a music video;
• playing videogames studied to reinforce ethical behaviours.

teamThis way, every story involves both an environmental theme and many other subjects related to the school programs, in a global didactical project. Moreover Green Kids have been planned for remote collaboration (via the internet and/or with physical journeys) between schools of different regions or nations, touched by the storyline (that’s customised on the required locations) helping the discovery of different places and cultures.

Green Kids si far have been used for environmental campaigns in coordination with Tetra Pak Italia (via Fantambiente, co-owner of the characters) and also took life through the animation of our professional actors.

We have two subjects currently ready for development:

Green Kids and the mistery of the ancient fountain
The fountain of Whitewater is ah historical roman source, used along the centuries by people and animals dor drinking. All of a sudden the fountains dries uo and the Green Kids are sent to investigate on this problem.

Green Kids and the mad plan of Doctor Pollution
Doctor Pollution is a former professor now retired, totally mad. Hge’s decided to pollute the main european rivers and lakes because he hates clean water. He’s hit places of different areas by using waste oil, with the help of his fellows Toxic and Mud. The Green Kids investigates on the effects of pollution and fight the Doctor to help the environment.

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