Why Tourism Fiction


Globally, there isn’t yet a mature marketing strategy for the positioning of tourism in the fiction productions. In many countries, that’s caused by the weak capability of building networks between different business areas or between public agencies and private businesses.

The current economic trend, however, will push everyone to join forces with other entities in order to gather more resources for the common good. This will bring a great deal of innovation, resulting in a more flexible and dynamic offering to the international markets. A real chance for Europe to keep a high level of competitivity without having to slash prices.

To harvest, thaough, we have to seed first:  Tourism Fiction is the Eden Exit division dedicated to the development of entertainment, cultural and tourism projects upon own ideas or by commission from public or private companies.

Eden Exit is a communication agency whose partners have developed over two decades of experience in advertising, marketing and web projects. You may find more information on www.edenexit.com.

We have formed a team of authors, historians, scriptwriters, filmmakers, comic artists, translators, web programmers, Abbiamo costruito un team di ideatori, storici, sceneggiatori, registi e filmmaker, fumettisti, traduttori, programmatori web, in order to create world class fiction products to truly support the needs of tourism promotion of local territories.

Take a look to our ongoing productions, anc should you be interested in more inflo, please contact us..