Chris Valier


Chris Valier is our production dedicated to teenagers and adults. A classical adventure character, he’s a young man who, starting from his home in Venice, unravels historical mysteries developing across time and places of the world, especially in the Mediterranean area.

Chris Valier is born as a comic book, but is easy to turn it into a videogame, and in this double way he faces his first adventure: Chris Valier and the Gift of the Gods.

What links Giorgione’s mysterious art to the Jewish diaspora from Spain, the Washington Irving novels to Columbus’ voyages, the fortress of Asolo to the city of London?

The answer lies in this Chris’ adventure. Only by chance, he will stumble across a quest interrupted decades before by an uncle while trying to discover the secret message hidden behind Giorgione’s paintings.

The story develops in Veneto (Asolo, Castelfranco Veneto, Venezia), Spain, Cyprus, Greece and Croatia, in a surge of events that will take Chris to discover the true nature of the Gift of the Gods stolen centuries before to the Spanish Crown.

All pats of this adventure start from an accurate historical reconstruction: Although the characters are fictional, thei live and act in a faithful scenario.

Chris Valier and the Gift of the Gods* is under development as a webcomic where, to get the chance to read the chapters, the reader-payer will have to solve some enigms on a website.

*In collaboration with Emmanuele Petrin.