Chris Valier


Chris Valier is our production dedicated to teenagers and adults. A classical adventure character, he’s a young man who, starting from his home in Venice, unravels historical mysteries developing across time and places of the world, especially in the Mediterranean area.

Chris Valier is born as a comic book, but is easy to turn it into a videogame, and in this double way he faces his first adventure: Chris Valier and the Gift of the Gods.

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Green Kids


Green Kids is the Tourism Fiction project (in joint venture with Fantambiente) dedicated to schools and children from 8 to 14 years of age. It’s a series of adventures where the Green Kids, teenagers that form an “Environmental Team”, fight against evil polluters symbolising many threats to the environments and unwise behaviours.

The stories can be read through the Internet as cartoons: every episode is composed by an animation where the story unfolds, and a section of puzzles that have to be solved to read the next episode.

Tehe solutions involve many different themes and operations such as:

• school researches on specific arguments;
• visits of a specific place (for instance a park or a monument);
• meeting some goals set by the teacher (as cleaning the school garden from l...

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