Tourism Fiction

Why Tourism Fiction


Globally, there isn’t yet a mature marketing strategy for the positioning of tourism in the fiction productions. In many countries, that’s caused by the weak capability of building networks between different business areas or between public agencies and private businesses.

The current economic trend, however, will push everyone to join forces with other entities in order to gather more resources for the common good. This will bring a great deal of innovation, resulting in a more flexible and dynamic offering to the international markets. A real chance for Europe to keep a high level of competitivity without having to slash prices.

To harvest,...

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Our services


Our services are focused about tourist, cultural and wine&food promotions of local territories:

  • creation and development of adventures, based on historical and geographical real documents, to be applied on web, books, comics, movies on in integrated projects;
  • implementation of promotional web videogames, linked to stories or stand alone;
  • creation, scriptwriting, direction and post production of film, tv series or webseries;
  • scriptwriting and art development of graphic novels;
  • support in organising activities in support of tourism events, such as historical reconstructions, discovery itineraries, non conventional exhibitions, contests such as treasure hunts even with the presence of professional actors and animators and the production of historical costumes;
  • creation and implementation of...
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Fiction as tourist development


When we talk about communication and advertising, we immediately relate them to words like “creativity” and “ideas”. These words has been Italy’s trademark from the Roman age to the Renaissance and over, up to the seventies of last century. Then something has happened, flattening the ideas or maybe just missing the chances to make them real.

This can be said about many European areas, that have seen times of glory and rough downfalls, and where the economic crisis could now be an opportunity to see the birth of many new ideas.

Tourism is one of the business areas where scarcity of ideas leads to very poor results in terms of visitors. In most European countries there’re hidden treasures that only need visibility to generate income for local economies.

A recent research by Srm, center ...

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